Chefs Reveal the 17 Items They Always Buy Frozen

- bhofack2/Getty Images
bhofack2/Getty Images

For groceries ranging from French fries to pearl onions, some of the country’s best chefs prefer frozen to fresh.

This may come as a shock, but chefs don’t always buy their ingredients fresh or make everything from scratch. Take Miami's Josh Gripper, who snacks on Jamaican beef patties late at night. He can’t be bothered with making them from scratch, especially after a 12-hour shift at his restaurant inside the W South Beach. That’s why his home freezer is always stocked with a few boxes of the pre-made kind. Georgia chef Chris Dickerson agrees. “If something's almost as good [frozen] but much simpler, it’s a no-brainer. Practicality should be a consideration when cooking,” he says. So, read on for the 17 items chefs don’t always buy fresh or make themselves.


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